Smart Ways to Get Successful With Content and SEO

Although it’s the truth that Google has changed its structure to great extent over the past few years, content still holds the central as it’s the very factor which drives traffic, helps in conversion and convinces search engines to assign the website better rank.

Nevertheless, the marketers seem to miss this point mainly because they start to believe in using tools and other paid marketing methods. The paid campaigns can only bring short term benefits if powerful content development is ignored. So, a lot of resources go wasted because of the lack of only material which makes a website ranking well and bringing organic traffic.

In this article, we are going to discuss about correcting the content and SEO using SMART framework. This frame work is quite goal-oriented and every word of it stands for something valuable which you can do, i.e. S stands for Specific, M for measurable, A for achievable, R for relevant and T for timely.

S — Specific content

When we talk about the specific content, it’s not something which you want to say. It is rather the content which your audience would want to read, hear and watch. Hence, this SMART content is not only about the content but it is also about the audience.

So the first thing here is to identify your audience. You need to think above the keywords research only. You will need to know where you can find your consumers online. If you understand your audience, you will be able to build SMART content in much better way.

M — Measurable content

There are some effective ways to make the content marketing efforts measurable. The first one to take into consideration is choosing the metrics which give clear picture of the business and its objectives. What the metrics really do is passing the entire content of a website through a funnel and then report back to the admin. Therefore, you will have to make sure that the KPIs you are using give you the clear picture of your content’s performance and its success.

Furthermore, you will need to build content based on the SEO approach you are following. This process is called incorporating SEO into the content. Factors that work in this regard include title tags, Meta description, subheadings, text and images.

A — Actionable content

While new website first gets the content of basic level only, this approach doesn’t provide users with the content which can immediately invoke decision about taking any action. There is no denying the fact that initial promotion needs to be focused, but you shouldn’t also spend too much time on this aspect while thinking about preparing content, which would do well among search engines and users, later.

R — Resonate with content

Now that you have created high quality content, you cannot just expect the web traffic to start flooding in and make your website a hit. Views do not come until they are attracted. So you can start with the social media for early traction. Twitter and Facebook provide easy and affordable solutions to boost the performance of posts. You can use this ‘boost’ option to get your content in front of the online users.

After social media, you can move towards the paid search. Now this one is quite effective but it can turn out to be challenging. You wouldn’t want your investment to result in less number of views, so you will have to make sure that your paid marketing campaign is optimized well.

T — Tangible business results

Site visits and social interaction are the great ways to give website an early boost but these are not the only KPIs which can give you long-term success. So the first thing to ensure is that your CTAs are matching the customer intent.

Multidimensional content can also help in bringing a lot of traffic to the website. For instance, you can add testimonials about your product or services in your website. Furthermore, you will need to keep an eye on the changing SEO requirements because search engines change their algorithms every now and then.


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